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Consider the nutritional value of coffee. An 8 oz. Black coffee contains 116mg of potassium3. This coffee is low in potassium. But, many people consume more coffee than they need each day. Consuming three to four cups per day of coffee is high in potassium, which can raise your potassium levels. Coffee can also be made more potassium-rich by adding creamers or milk. Aim to consume no more than three cups of coffee per day. The amount of phosphorus and sodium in black coffee is minimal and does not require nutritional consideration.

The safe levels of potassium in coffee are high. However, if you have any health issues (such as kidney disease), it is important to control how much coffee you consume and what you put in it.

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Potassium is a vital micronutrient that is essential for cell function. Potassium is reactive in water and can produce positively charged potassium ions. These ions are essential for the transmission of electrical impulses in the body. This is vital for many bodily functions. 98% of potassium found in the body can be found within cells.

nespresso coffee nutrition facts
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pj's coffee nutrition facts

Answered my question about which instant-coffee contains potassium. Is there potassium in all instant coffee brands?

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A potassium-restricted diet for someone with renal disease (kidney) will typically be around 2,000 mg. This can be challenging considering the many potassium-rich foods available.

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Although there's not much potassium in caffeinated espresso, you might find that it's still better for you.

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While potassium may not always be included in the nutritional information of a particular creamer's creamer, it will still appear on the ingredient lists if it is. Check the ingredient list to verify if the creamer has potassium.