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An 8 oz. A cup black coffee has 116mg potassium. This is considered low in potassium as it contains only 2% Daily Value. Instant coffee is lower in potassium (96 mg) while decaf coffee is higher (216 mg). Coffee additives such as milk and sweeteners can increase the level of potassium.

If you smoke, use drugs, or have a eating disorder, you might be more at risk for a potassium deficiency. An athlete who exercises in hot conditions or sweats excessively could be at high risk for potassium deficiency.

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why does coffee not have nutrition facts
which brand coffee is best for weight loss

which brand coffee is best for weight loss

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The potassium content of creamers varies. Half-and-half cream has 15 mg potassium per creamer (0.38 fl. oz/11 ml).

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Nestle claims that the Original Coffee Mate does not contain potassium. Or any nutrients and minerals.

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Even though the caffeine in ordinary caffeinated beans isn't as high, it may still be more beneficial for you if your concern about potassium intake.