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Other websites have lower potassium levels than regular coffee. This is important for me because I have high potassium levels and kidney disease.

This formula is based solely on black coffee (brewed) without any additives. Below is more information about potassium levels in coffee additives.

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High phosphorous levels in milk are approximately 240mg/cup. Some soy milk has a high amount of phosphorous. Some creamers include phosphorous additives. As with potassium, you need to always verify their nutritional information.

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does decaf coffee have potassium in it

does decaf coffee have potassium in it

Although this is not a common additive to coffee, my husband used it quite often. It is similar to brown sugar but has a stronger taste.

does decaf coffee have less potassium

Dena Haines co-founded EnjoyJava, and is now a blogger.

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Different milk options have different amounts of potassium. Soymilk has more potassium that dairy milk, while ricemilk is usually lower in potassium.

does decaf coffee have less potassium than regular coffee

24Mantra reports that 100 grams of sugar contain 133 mg of potassium. According to Michigan State University a teaspoonful of sugar weighs about 4.2g.