does coffee have high potassium

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Decaf has a slightly higher level of potassium than regular coffee. Decaf coffee contains 216mg of potassium. Each brewed cup. Health Line says that brewed coffee contains 4.8% Daily Potassium Value.

does decaf coffee have less potassium than regular coffee

This calculation assumes that a tablespoonful of honey weighs 21.25 grams. 100 grams honey contains between 40 and 2500mg of potassium.

does decaf coffee have less potassium than regular coffee
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Instant coffee has 96mg of potassium per 8 ounce cup. This is lower than regular brewed coffee, but it's half of what you get in decaf.

does decaf coffee have potassium in it

You can add sugars or carbohydrates to your coffee, but they are not included in the coffee.

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This is based off a tablespoon of honey that weighs 21.25g. 100g of honey can contain between 40-40500 mg of potassium.

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While this is not a common coffee additive I do know that my husband used to drink his coffee with it. This has a strong, similar taste to brown sugar.