does coffee contain potassium

does coffee and tea have potassium

You may need to reduce the amount of coffee you consume or change the way you drink coffee. Make sure you discuss your health issues with your doctor.

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The U.S. Food & Drug Administration considers foods with a 20% Daily Value (DV), higher, high. Low foods are those with 5% DV and less.

circle k coffee nutrition facts
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coke with coffee nutrition facts

The typical potassium restriction diet for someone with kidney disease (kidney disease) is approximately 2,000mg. This can be difficult given how many foods contain potassium.

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A 8 oz cup black coffee will contain approximately 116 mg potassium. You can get 174 mg potassium by using a 12oz travel mug.

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A tablespoon of honey can contain between 8.5 mg and 743.75mg potassium. Honey can have a wide range of potassium levels. Because the honey's source affects its nutrient content, it can be very variable.

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A cup of milk contains approximately 240mg of phosphorous. High phosphorous levels can also be found in soy milk. Some creamers contain phosphorous additives. Similar to potassium, it is important that you verify the nutritional information.