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Nestle states that Original Coffee Mate is devoid of potassium. Or any nutrients or mineral.

Decaf coffee is richer in caffeine (216 mg) than instant coffee (96 mg). You can increase the potassium level by adding milk or sweeteners to your coffee.

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A potassium deficiency could make you more susceptible if your digestive conditions (such as IBS or Crohn’s), smoking, abuse substances or an eating disorder are any of them. If athletes exercise in hot environments or sweat excessively, they could be at risk for a potassium deficiency.

is coffee good for potassium
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scooter's coffee nutrition information

This chart is based only on black coffee (brewed) with minimal additives. Here are more details about potassium levels in coffee.

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Want to know more about potassium in coffee? We'll tell you how much potassium coffee contains in regular, decaf, or instant. The amount of potassium found in 6 coffee additives is also included. We also compare coffee potassium to other common foods.

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People monitor their health by monitoring the levels of caffeine and potassium in coffee. Coffee is almost entirely devoid of phosphorous, sodium, iron, cholesterol, and other nutrients. Some of these could be found in coffee additives like creamers or milk.

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Nestle has confirmed that Original Coffee Mate doesn’t contain potassium. Or any nutrients.